Sunday, 11 August 2013

Presh goes off the radar can he still come back to dream light?

Presh and his partner, Kcee, of the KC Presh group used to be like two peas in a pod. But since the duo broke up few years ago, Presh is yet to find his feet.
While KCee is grabbing attention with his club banger,Limpopo, Presh is gradually fading out of the entertainment scene. His current track, Go Low, has done little or nothing to get him to the fore again.

Back in the days, the flamboyant artistes, whose track,Sengemenge, was their best outing as a group, were more popular because of their expensive lifestyle than because of their music.
While Kcee has stepped up his game with his music, and of course, added two more ‘machines’ to his fleet of cars, Presh may soon be rated in the league of Black Face and some others, whose careers flickered out as soon as they broke from their groups.

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