Sunday, 11 August 2013

How Sex Toys can help you from infidelity

In view of the alarming rate of infidelity in our society today, culminating into divorces and break ups, Motar and Pestle Limited, African’s largest store for sex toys ( have been introducing varieties of sex toys in the market to save relationships and marriages.

Research conducted recently by Nigeria branch of International Society of Psychologists (ISP),  reveals that 50% of married women flirts with colleagues at work or place of worship, drivers, ex-boyfriends , husband’s friends and casual acquaintances while 75% of married men flirts with colleagues at work or place of worship, house maids, ex-girlfriends , wife’s friends and casual acquaintances. The fundamental reasons for flirting by both sexes are inability to satisfy partners sexually and neglecting partners sexually due to pressure of work, tiredness or absence from home.
The mad rush for the sex toys necessitated our findings on why most Nigerians are turning to these toys and our revelation was shocking.

I present herein testimonies of our clients who have been saved through the use of sex toys:
Abigail has been married for 8 years to a husband suffering from premature ejaculation, though she had 2 kids but had never enjoyed sex in her marital life, every sex encounter with her husband leaves her unhappy and moody, in the course of her attempt to cheat on her man, she met her old friend who was briefed of her predicament, she got introduced to the world of vibrators from our store, her experience has been marvelous, she has suddenly become cheerful and interesting person with several of our toys, yet she still has her dignity, she has also bought some vibrating pussies for her man to help exercise him to delay his ejaculation, this is fast improving his discharge time and confidence on bed.
Though research shows that 89% of sexually active women have never experience orgasm in their life, Africa men are generally selfish on bed, once they cum, they care less about the female partner , our European counterparts knows they need to tongue lash their ladies’ pussy(cunnilingus)  and arouse their sensitive spots to be able to get them to cloud 9 orgasm, Temilade fell into the category of women and was always harsh to her subordinates at work until she got introduced to the vibrating Black Mamba , her life has never been the same again.
Kwame works for a multinational organization and was transferred to a west Africa country and have had to spend lots of money curing several STDs, he confess to sleeping with several ladies, he came across our products online and acquired the magical butt (doggy is his favorite position), he has been getting satisfaction and sexual experience without a disease and has been introducing his colleagues at work to our products.
Tony and Chidinma are couple who have been having several and regular sex experiences but not satisfying, it has always been monotonous and very boring until they introduce sex toys into their bedroom, they both scream every other nights to ecstasy and always cheerful and lively in the morning, sometimes, Tony enjoys the scene while he uses the Spiky vibrator on her wife when he is tired and she get excited too when she uses the magical butt and Down-To-Earth-Sheila ( gives her husband blowjobs) on her man when she is tired.
Asabe’s  husband was sent out to Germany on training for 6 months, Asabe confesses having illicit affairs with 6 different guys while the hubby was away, she was actually looking for a guy that could take her to the height, but none was, she regretted her action though, but was extremely excited when she got her first orgasm through our benie vibrator, she has acquired about 5 different other sex toys to make her happy and stop her from looking for men who will never take her to quarter of where our vibes are taking her.
Spice up your sex life and prevent your wife from losing her dignity to your driver and prevent your husband from losing his dignity to your house maids.
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