Sunday, 24 July 2016

Rev. Mbaka slams former President Goodluck Jonathan during homily

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, on Sunday, while conducting service at Adoration Ministry, Emene, Enugu, slammed former President Goodluck Jonathan, accusing him of having ran a wasteful government which plunged the nation into its present economic recession. According to the Rev., he had nothing to regret over his 2015 prophesy of change, where he had predicted that President Jonathan would be defeated in the presidential elections.
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He used the opportunity through his spoke person to debunk the rumour that he fall apart with the former president over his refusal to grant him(Fr. Mbaka) an oil well. speaking further, he said
“when these prophesies come, it must not be what people think or want; people are entitled to their views; those reactions mean nothing; the important thing is that there is nothing he had prophesized which never came to pass; the ministry does not care how people feel about his prophesies. Some call him controversial priest; some call him fiery priest and all that, they are entitled to their opinion. The fact remains that he is a true prophet. “I will tell you something, it is for us humans to judge prophesies; he was the only person who said Buhari would win. If it were in the olden days, all those so-called men of God who castigated him would have received the wrath of God immediately. All of them should be ashamed of themselves now.

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