Saturday, 4 January 2014

Sure- p Empowerment payments for Niger Delta

It was really a fun filled day, as people from far and wide, students, old, young, youths turn out in mass to pick a stearing bank form title"KIA KIA account opening form" the motive behind it was believed to have been a sure-p payment to Niger Delta occupant. according to the stearing bank manager in Choba, UPTH.
she said: we haven't received any directives from federal government or our regional bodies to open an account linking to the sure-p payment, that any body doing so is opening a normal banking account with the bank,

But this scenario shows how the level of poverty in the country is of increase, such that people would travle from far to pick such rumoured form.

Abeg make una no belief the rumour nothing of such is happening and the stearing bank managment have cleared of their names in association with it.
continue to see what the form looks like

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