Saturday, 14 December 2013

MY Prayers for LINDA IKEJI to find a husband

Have been going through linda Ikeji post often, and i see bitterness in her speech even though she seems joking,  but the truth be told, linda, getting a husband is in your hands, cous i know series of men have been coming around, asking you out, but the question in your mind is this, what those this man really wants is he after sex or my money???
i would like you to do some thing, before considering marriage you must first understand this.
1. your concentration and attention would be divided
2. what kind of man are you looking for, a celeb or a man who will love you for what u do(Ans it ya self)
3. but if men have not being asking you out, dear check your self if your character is worth wise!!!

so Linda sit , don't be under pressure of getting married, do your job which you love most, @ the rite time that man would fly from Adams and meet u, husband is a gift from God, you marry the right one you get more blessing, you marry the wrong one, mehn i no fit talk how that one go be oooooo but never the less belief that your day is coming, no intimidation or what so ever should face you that you are not married.
we will continue to pray for you to get married, not just a husband, but a nice one.
Dreamz Entertainment crew. rapping out.


  1. U guys pull peeps to ur blog with a catchy headline and then u havr nuffing tangible to say

    1. Wat sence does it make to u da whriter?

  2. Exactly my thots, mtweeeeen

  3. Please take a seat. Its non of your business. Advice yourself first

  4. Please take a seat. Its non of your business. Advice yourself first

  5. Senseless write-up. If you know English is a problem for you, get someone else to do the writing.

  6. Lol, funny post, dreamz where u get this advice from, guess linda is viewing it, on point. Find out d accident that happened in uniport and update us if its true. Love ur blog, hope u will gv give away like linda did!!! This season even though na recharge card kwa.

  7. Whoever owns this blog is stupid! Do u think u can just wake up one morning and just decide to own a blog without knowing how to even construct a good english? Then by lieing to people? This means ur nt a trust worthy person and this shows how little u can go.

  8. U are too stupid,luring pple to ur blog.Oloshi buruku

  9. Srsly dnt fink I wud ever open ur blog again after dis trash of a post m seeing... #smellos

  10. Rubbish. Concentrate on ur blog and leave Linda out of it. Did she tell u saying yes to a man is her problem? Or that men are not coming? Please take several seats and mind ur business.