Tuesday, 30 July 2013

No one knows what my nipples look like

Nigerian-American Sports Illustrated model, Adaora Akubilo is popular in the United States and Nigeria, but her rise to the top hasn’t been without controversy.
Akubilo, who has lived most of her adult life in the US as a successful model, is also popular in her native Nigeria, which she left at a very young age.
Her being featured in the 2012 and 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions has fuelled the Adaora Akubilo brand, and many Nigerians now hold her in high esteem, the MSN said in a report.
The 24-year-old from Windsor, Connecticut, born to Nigerian, Igbo parents, became a trending topic in 2012, when she made her first appearance in the annual publication. She drew praises from industry people, who believe her physique is perfect for a swimsuit model.

However, her recent worldwide appeal hasn’t come without controversy. Her critics have said that her posing semi- nude in the 2013 edition was “Un-Nigerian”. They said most of her images are extremely provocative. Not minding their words, she hit back and insisted that her photos are done in a ‘tasteful’ way. “I’m not out there, boobs all out. Like I’m being a little coy with it, you know, I’m kind of like hiding it a little bit. I’m hiding my boob; it’s not all out there like hello. No one knows what my nipples look like,” she told cultureshocknigerians in an interview.
“I would never compromise myself. If I wasn’t comfortable doing it and if I felt like I was in some way doing something that would embarrass my family, I would never do anything that would embarrass my family or myself for that matter.
“So nudity done in a tasteful way, and if you’re comfortable, God created these bodies of ours, you know, I’m just celebrating it and getting paid at the same time so that’s a good thing.”


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