Tuesday, 22 May 2012

NEXT super star Courtney Brown

when you talk about upcoming star, she wouldn't be left out as she is making waves in the entertainment industry

Her name carries the soothing harmony of a singing stream. Lyrical singsong that speaks volumes about her latter-day dream that developed early enough. Take a pause that refreshes and say the name: COURTNEY NEKPEN NOSA-EHIMA, that’s who. Her stage name, Courtney Brown fits just perfectly into the symphony. Reason? Her passion for the colour brown goes beyond the realm of colours as it carries the magic that inspires her beyond the singing of it. So, call her, Courtney Brown and you are not wrong at all.
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Born to a family of nature-loving and melody-making enthusiasts, Mike and Caroline Nosa-Ehima, Courtney had a good head start attending first-rate institutions in Benin City before topping it up with an indelible presence at the Ambrose Alli University that saw her coming up tops in her studies.

Just as all work and no play makes Jill a dull lass, while pursuing her academic career, Courtney also held court as an artiste performing in major shows and orchestral performances.

Courtney Nosa-Ehima, a young lady of many dazzling parts, as an Hiphop/Soul/R&B artist has already made a success story of her career across board. She currently works in a Lagos based marketing communications company.

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