Wednesday, 29 February 2012

James Iroha a.k.a Giringori Akabogu is dead

Most people, may not know him by his name but in the mention of Giringori Akabogu you know that you mentioned the man of greatness as he was the wan making our father's and fore fathers then, to laugh and forget their sorrows.

The man was reported dead yesterday

Iroha was the  creator of the now rested  television drama, The New Masquerade, which ruled the screen in the early 80s, on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Network.

He died yesterday at the age of  70. The New Masquerade  started as a radio programme in then East Central State Broadcasting Corporation radio, Enugu  which, at its prime, was the “King of Primetime” on the NTA Network. It ran as a 15-minute radio programme, known as The Masquerade

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